Coaching & Consulting
(in German & English)

COACHING: Individuals in Universities (all types) & Hospitals
Coaching sessions will be performed digital.

Coaching Funding:

  • Coaching Funding Strategy: work out a proper funding strategy
  • Coaching Funding: support of grant proposals for third-party-funding (e.g. SNSF, ERC, DFG, private foundations)
  • Coaching Funding Performance: training presentations & interviews e.g. at SNSF for Ambizione, Eccellenza, PRIMA, and ERC St.Grants

Coaching Leadership

  • Coaching for women researchers →STEP→ group leader Eccellenza, PRIMA, ERC Starting Grant
  • Coaching for women researchers →STEP→ group leader Professorship

Coaching Career

  • Applications for professorships (all levels, all disciplines)
  • Application for Top-Sharing
  • Training presentations and interviews appointment commissions
CONSULTING: Universities, Universities of Applied Sciences, Universities for Teacher Education, Hospitals
  •  Workshops for Research Strategies / Future Visions & Concepts

  • Concepts and measures for the promotion of women scientists

  • Measures for the reconciliation of career/work and private life for women and men