Coaching & Consulting 

(in German & English)

→ individual Researchers at Universities
→ individual Clinical Researchers at Hospitals
Coaching sessions will be performed ONLINE only

Coaching Funding:

  • Coaching "How-to NEW CV SNSF & OrcID" → Webinars "How-to OrcID" see UPCOMING
  • Coaching Funding Strategy
  • Coaching Funding Application → Webinars "Grant Writing" see UPCOMING
  • Coaching Funding Performance

Coaching Leadership

  • Coaching for women researchers →STEP→ group leader Funding
  • Coaching for women researchers →STEP→ group leader Professorship

Coaching Career

  • Career Coaching - basic (all academic levels)
  • Application for Professorships, Top-Sharing (all disciplines)

consists of other Coaches and Trainers, all experts in their field, to whom I forward with pleasure if their expertise does match with your additional needs.