470795705-true-storyjpg ...from Behavioural Biologist to Trainer, Consultant & Coach


More than 25 years an expert on careers, research funding, skills, equality, protection and advancement of women, Switzerland & Europe (selection)

    independent - experienced - committed

  • Programme Manager Funding Schemes for early stage career researchers esp. for women researchers, Swiss National Science Foundation/SNSF (>8yrs)

  • Chair Working Groups European Science Foundation "Conditions of a Research Career in Europe" & "Gender Issues

  • Member Steering Committees 'Research Careers' & 'European Alliance for Research Career Development', 'EURYI Awards

  • Invited Speaker:
    Universities in CH & DE, IBM Research, Swedish Research Council & the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, COFAS (Sweden), ESOF (Turin), EMBO (Heidelberg)

  • University of St. Gallen:
    Head Unit Equal Chances
    Head Office for the protection of personal integrity
  • FOPH, CH: Head AIDS Unit
  • NGO, DE: HIV/AIDS prevention with focus on women
  • Studies of Biology, behavioral biologist

    University of Konstanz (DE)

Publications & Reports (selection)
  • Susanne Matuschek, Wissenschaftskarrieren in Europa - Herausforderungen und Möglichkeiten, in Traumjob Wissenschaft? Karrierewege in Hochschule und Forschung, GEW Materialien aus Hochschule und Forschung 117, Bertelsmann Verlag, 2011
  • Scholz B., Vuorio E., Matuschek S., Cameron I., Research Careers in Europe – Landscape and Horizons. Report European Science Foundation, 2010
  • Susanne Matuschek, Report of the event "Laufbahnanforderungen für Wissenschaftlerinnen", 2012 (unveröffentlicht)
    Mandated by Division for Equality, addressed to Rectorate and Gender Equality Commission, University of Bern  
  • Prof. Doris Wastl-Walter "Stufe Postdoc: Gezielte Unterstützung ist unerlässlich", in Chancengleichheit - Aktionsplan Gleichstellung, Division for Equality, University of Bern, 2014