Coachingjpg  Coaching & Counselling (in German & English)

Science: Master to Professorships
Physicians (Deputy Head Physicians, Senior Physicians, Registrar, Specialist Registrar, Clinical Research Fellows) & VETs
Private & NPOs/NGOs:
Employees, Director, Company Owner

Coaching Funding:

  • Strategy funding, support grant proposals  for third-party-funding (e.g. SNSF, ERC, DFG)
  • Training presentations and interviews e.g. at SNSF Ambizione, Eccellenza, PRIMA, ERC St.Grants

Coaching Career

  • Career Coaching & Career Development
  • Applications for positions and professorships (all levels)
  • Training presentations and interviews appointment commissions

Coaching sessions: @Office  MATUSCHEK CONSULTING (St. Gallen), by Skype or at Universities