dsc_0665-0jpg Activities: Workshops & Coachings

Workshops & Trainings (selection)

  • Workshop „How to plan a Career in academia & convince in applications“, Postdocs
  • Workshop "How to Pursue your Academic Career Effectively", Transferable Skills, PhD candidates & Early Postdocs 
  • Workshop "Communication strategies", female researchers
  • Workshop "Successful Networking", Fix the leaky pipeline, ETHZ
  • Workshop "Career and Applications", Postdocs
  • Workshop "Academic Career - Plan and Prepare", Skills Training 
  • Workshop "Successful Academic Career", PhD candidates & Postdocs
  • Workshop "Laufbahnplanung", Graduate School of History
  • Workshop "Academic Profile, Career Development and Research Funding", Career Programme for Women Researchers
  • Workshop FORSCHUNGSSTRATEGIE/Vision & Konzept, Fachhochschule
  • Workshop "Research Funding & Grant Writing"
  • Workshop "Finding and applying for funding in academia", REGARD
  • Workshops "Academic Career Planning", "Research Funding & Grant Proposals", PhD candidates & Postdoc, all disciplines
  • Workshop "Erfolgreiche akademische Karriere", Skills Training
  • Workshop-Zyklus "How to develop your scientific profile and plan your career successfully", Psychology
  • Workshops „How to write a convincing CV for inside and outside academia"

  • Workshop "How to write grant proposals", Doctoral Programmes & Graduate Schools
  • ....and many more topics

Coaching & Counselling Activities (selection)

  • Career Coaching & Coaching Funding, div. Career Programmes for female researchers
  • Individuelle Coachings, div. Graduate Schools in History, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Karriere-Coachings im Auftrag div. Abtl. für Gleichstellung & Chancengleichheit
  • Karriere-Coachings im Auftrag div. Mentoring-Programme
  • Group-Coaching in Workshops "Forschungsfinanzierung"
  • Gruppen-Coaching für Nachwuchswissenschaftlerinnen, MINT
  • Individuelle Karriere-Coachings WissenschaftlerInnen, Wirtschaftsfrauen, Kulturschaffende/Künstlerinnen